'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Candiace Dillard shed yet more tears in an emotional showdown with her mother, who chewed her out for inviting her half-brother.

Candiace revealed that her half-brother was born before her parents wed and they remained together for years after, but Candiace's mother tried to ban him from her daughter's wedding.

Dorothy exploded on Candiace after hearing that she had invited him:

“It’s bullsh*t. This situation with your dad, his cheating and his lying, that’s what you’re bringing into the wedding? That is what you’re bringing into? Why are you going and chasing after his illegitimate children who have never been part of your life? That doesn’t make sense to me, Candiace. Did you consider me? Did you consider my family? Did you consider all the lies and the cheating? Did you ever consider that? It’s embarrassing to the family and to me!”

Dorothy didn't stop there:

“You don’t spring this on someone… What’s in your head? Where’s your head? I don’t know how you think! Why do you think this is okay to do this? For everybody to be talking…. You just made a big mistake, okay? The people who been there, to nurture you, to change your diaper, to take you to dance class, to buy your pageant dresses — those are the people you’re supposed to be loyal to. Not these people outside people in the street. Why would you go there and lick people’s asses that haven’t done sh*tto you?”

But Candiace stood her ground.

“I don’t give a f*ckwhat anybody says, I don’t care,” Candiace fired back. “I don’t appreciate you trying to tell me how to run my wedding. Yes, you are contributing a lot to wedding and yes you have been there every step of the wedding, and I appreciate all that. But it’s not fair for you to make me feel bad for wanting to include someone that I would like to be there.”

Here is what Twitter had to say on the subject: