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New York housewife Ramona Singer has revealed that she  believes that fellow cast member Luann de Lesseps is still drinking, despite being ordered not to by a judge.

As we know, Luann is on probation for an alcohol-fueled incident which took place in Miami, and she has been in and out of treatment. Her sobriety has been one of her main storylines on the show during this season.

Luann discussed her legal situation with reunion host Andy Cohen, but Ramona wasn't buying it at all:

"This is like ABCs, honey pie! The first month didn't work for you? You stay another six months, four months," Ramona barked at Luann.

"Don't talk to me, Mrs. Pinot Grigio," Luann responded.

"I don't really give a sh*t! I don't have an alcoholic problem, okay?!" Ramona clapped back. "I'm gonna give you tough love."

She continued: "No! I'm not gonna give you a f*cking break. I believe you're still drinking on the side! What do you think about that?"

Luann denied the claim. We hope for her sake, she is not drinking again.