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Luann de Lesseps visited the Jenny McCarthy show and revealed that in order to stay sober, she vapes and sips on non-alcoholic beer.

"I'll have a mocktail. You know what I've gotten into is Heineken Zero, so I feel like I'm having a beer. I like beer in the summer because it's cold and thirst-quenching. So I'll have a Heineken Zero, so I feel like I'm drinking and I'll vape too! I'll take a puff on a vape and get through the moment," Luann, 54, told Jenny.

The cabaret star continued:

"It's like you go to the beach and stand in the ocean and the wave is coming, and it's like, 'Oh my God, here it comes!' And then it comes, and it breaks, and it goes away. So do those feelings. So if you can just give yourself a deep breath and a minute to be like, 'It's OK. I feel this way. It's alright to feel this way. It's OK to want to drink because that's — you have been doing this your whole life. So take a deep breath, and you know, reach for that mocktail.'"

Luann has battled to stay sober after falling off the wagon a few months back. Recently during the reunion show, her co-star Ramona Singer revealed that she believes that Luann is still drinking.

Luann has denied the allegation.