'Real Housewives of New York' star Luann de Lesseps is reportedly "offended" by her new probation rules handed down to her by the court.

The Countess was ordered into custody last week after she allegedly violated her probation by drinking alcohol. Her new probation rules require that she take anti-drinking medication.

"She thinks the anti-drinking medication is borderline offensive," a source told Radar Oline.

Luann was also ordered to complete counseling and wear a breathalyzer device. Luann should really be thankful for the new rules. The Florida judge initially ordered her to jail, but then altered the decision a few hours later. She could be in a jail cell right now.

The source added that “She’s convinced she is the victim here, and downplays all of it when she speaks to her costars.

“She jokes about her arrest, and thinks its all a great storyline.”

This may be the last chance saloon for Luann - if she violates her probation again, she will be thrown back in the slammer.