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During last week's reunion show, Ramona Singer laid into Countess Luann de Lesseps, accusing the cabaret star of still drinking - and Luann feels attacked.

"Luann felt attacked throughout most of the entire RHONY season. She felt like everyone kept kicking her when she was struggling and down and trying her best to work hard and stay sober," a source close to Luann told HollywoodLife.

Luann has been ordered to stay away from alcohol and is currently on probation. Another probation violation could see Luann spend some time behind bars - and she is taking Ramona's allegations very seriously.

"She felt Ramona was way too hard on her, especially, and Lu knows her truth and is adamant that she is currently sober. She's used to the attacks by now and knows how just to keep her head held high. She doesn't see herself being more than co-workers with most of them, and that's fine with her," the insider continued.

Luann says she is sober and doing well and is focusing on her career.