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'RHONY' Producer Spills The Tea On 'Scary Island' Trip

A Bravo producer has spilled the tea on what really went down on the infamous "Scary Island" trip where Kelly Bensimon lost it.

In his book, Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It, executive producer Matt Anderson talked to Sonja Morgan about that crazy night.

"Something was wrong with Kelly. She was off that whole trip. She thought Bethenny was trying to kill her! She was telling everyone she threw up the night before she came on the trip because she was worried Bethenny was going to come after her," she shared.

"When we sat down at the table, she was screaming nonsensical things like, 'Al Sharpton!' I was trying hard to chat with her but nothing was making sense. She kept talking about the press and her friend, that Paltrow girl," Sonja recalled. "She was going off on the side like a crazy person. She kept repeating the producer's name over and over again. At one point, they had to put the cameras down and tell her to go to her room and stop. It was crazy. We've never had a situation like that again on the show where somebody was actually not in a healthy situation."


Kelly also spoke to the producer for the book. She says she didn't understand why people were mad at her.