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The cast of the 'Real Housewives of New York' are not happy with Luann de Lessep's "selfish" ways and blasted her on the after show.

Luann was unsympathetic of Sonja Morgan, accusing her of taking drugs after Sonja fell and injured herself in a recent episode. Her lack of compassion was shocking, as Luann is currently going through treatment for alcohol abuse.

"I think she was being selfish, and I don't really believe the excuses, I'm sorry," Sonja said of Luann. "And I'm gonna talk to her about this. But she should've come up to see me."

"It's sort of like her lame excuse about [Dorinda's] fish room," Sonja continued. "She couldn't [sleep in] there because she drank there, but she goes to other places, like The Cutting Room, where people drank. Her cabaret, people drink. She couldn't be around me because I was drinking? I've been around to hold her up and be with her when she's crying and drinking. She needs to be there for me, too, whether she's sober or not."

Luann has faced criticism from all of the ladies for being too self-involved this season.