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'RHONY' Alum Heather Thomson sat down with Hollywood Life, when she was asked about a possible return to the Bravo franchise.

Thompson says a return is not completely off the table.

"I'm going to go with that phrase never say never," Thomson said. "But since I've left, I've been really happy making cameos. Popping in to say hi when it's right, but not being beholden to that toxicity," she told the outlet.

The designer was best known on the show for name-dropping Diddy and Jennifer Lopez (a lot) as well as for her no-nonsense delivery.

"It's really, for me, 360 life … When things stop being fun, you got to start to question that. If I'm not enjoying this, why am I still doing it? It could be a career, it could be a reality show, it could be whatever. It doesn't make it easy to just switch on a dime, but you have to start to say, what's really going to feed my soul and what's taking away from it? And the Housewives took away from me, personally. I got too vested in it. I wanted people to be better people. I wanted them to be standup citizens."