Cindy Barshop, a former cast member of Real Housewives of New York, has opened up on what life is like parenting her transgender son, who is nine years old.

"That's how we have always lived, since they were little. I've always let him dress how he wants, do what he wants. So a lot of the kids know, some don't. Nothing's really changed, I just thought he may want to speak about it a little bit and he said, 'No you can do it,'" she told PEOPLE.

"It's just so normal in my household. We'll joke around and be like, 'Jesse gets more attention because he is trans.' We play with it just like an everyday type of thing. But she's fine, she looks at him as a brother," Barshop said of how Zoe has reacted to her brother's reveal. "I mean once you start, they are 9 now, so it's for six years they've been doing this."

According to Cindy, parents can notice from their child is very young whether or not they are trans:

"You notice very young, it's very young," she added. "The other parents I've spoken to, we're talking at 2. Even the movements that they make. At 3, 3 1/2, I was 100 percent sure."