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Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jennifer Aydin was forced to defend her parenting skills on social media after her fellow cast mate, newbie, Jackie Goldschneider wrote an article about her and her kids!

In a recent episode, Jennifer invited all of the ladies to her huge mansion (which has 16 bathrooms) and the women were surprised by how much Jennifer spoils them.

Jackie then decided to write an article, titled "Do too many gifts create spoiled children?" for, where she wrote the following:

"I recently took my kids to a family get-together at my new friend’s home, and when we pulled up to her enormous estate, her adorable children ran to greet us at the door. As they led us through one tremendous room after another, past the gym and spa, we arrived at the double-level play wing, equipped with an indoor basketball court, movie theater and a bouncy castle bigger than my home."

She continued:

"When kids come here they never want to leave,” my friend proudly announced, which made me wonder: Can kids grow up having everything they want and still turn into humble, appreciative adults? Do too many gifts create spoiled children?"

Jennifer was none too pleased by Jackie's musings and responded to the article on Twitter.

“I spoil my children but they are Not spoiled!” she tweeted. “There’s a difference!”

“I love my kids, as does any mother,” she continued, in another tweet. “I have the ability to give them a life that I always wished I had — this is new to me, people! I didn’t come from this so sue me if it happens to be my joy to reward them. But they are generous, sweet and compassionate. And I’m very proud of them.”

Jennifer does overcompensate, for sure. But, aren't kids supposed to be off limits?