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Danielle Staub took to Instagram to defend her recent decision to marry Marty Caffrey after she forced Caffrey to choose between his kids and her. 

Following the wedding, her husband filed for divorce just four months later. In the Instagram post, Staub slammed Caffrey, writing:

"Who’s watching tonight? #Rhonj on @bravotv This was real to me 

If he was the one for me, we would still be together you can all pass judgment you can all say what you need to say and I’m certain the opinions will be strong but I urge you all to take a minute and realize I’m sharing my life with you the ups and downs The good the bad the pretty the ugly all the parts of me and it’s an honor to do so!" she said.

"I do realize I leave myself open for scrutiny but the things that my husband has done to my family and I weeks following our wedding breaking his vows he promised to protect keep me safe love me and honor me take a moment to realize no one would know his name if it weren’t for me trusting him to want to be a part of my family and my life 

he used my platform abused my name, me, and by supporting him you are doing the same by supporting a man who is abusive in every facet and continues to threaten the very core of my existence so if you still feel good about your decision to stand with him on his rampage then that’s on you."

She then ended the post with: "I would like to take a more positive moment at this time to thank all of you who support me and my family! I look forward to your continued support in the next chapter of my life! #eyeswideopen More photos to come"

Before her marriage to Caffrey, Staub was engaged 19 times and had already been married twice. She has been a highly controversial figure on Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey and has been allegedly linked to a cartel as well as a biker gang.