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There have been whispers that 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' OG Caroline Manzo was asked to return to the show - a rumor which has been confirmed by Manzo but she claims the offer was "insulting."

She talked about the offer during an interview on her son's 'Dear Albie' podcast.

“They wanted me back to see how I blend with the women — that’s an insult. I helped build that show. I wasn’t the cause of that success, I was part of that puzzle. A very, very important puzzle. Point is, you don’t insult me like that. You don’t insult me like that by saying, ‘Let’s see how you do.’ You know how I’m going to do. You know how I’m going to blend, and you know what I’m going to bring," she said.

She then continued:

“I don’t want to sound like a b*tch, but I suppose I have to. You’re not going to figure me out after five years being able to see, ‘Well, gee, does she blend?’ Whether I blend or I don’t blend, I’ll always be Caroline. And that’s something I swore to my family and I swore to my viewers over the years. You’ll always get me. So if me is not good enough for you — or maybe the paycheck is something you didn’t want to write at this point, which is my guess — that’s the bottom line. I’m not thirsty.”

The bottom line is the check.

“Pay me what I’m worth, OK? You got an OG here, and I’m going to be arrogant … It’s just a matter of respect! I was one of the original women who built the show. I’m one of the original women they still talk about, OK? Don’t come back to me like a newbie and [expect] I’m going to fall for your bullsh*t because I’m not. You come back to me and give me a reasonable compensation and a reasonable position where I feel I belong, OK, then I’ll come back.”

Listen to a snippet below.

Manzo fell out with Teresa Giudice before leaving the show. If she did return, it would definitely stir up mega drama on the show.