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Viewers of Real Housewives of New Jersey have not yet witnessed the epic fallout between Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub on the show - but it's coming and according to a new report - the beef will be squashed at the reunion.

Sources have been teasing the upcoming clash, which is shocking considering how hard the pair have been riding for each other this season, but things went from good to bad - to "cordial" all in a matter of months.

Teresa and Danielle did have a conversation at the reunion," a source told HollywoodLife, adding that after the reunion, they still "won't be best friends again." 

The source continued that "They seemed to figure out a way to be cordial," our source adds. That's because "Teresa just doesn't want to fight with anyone anymore" — "her thoughts about life and relationships has completely changed with everything that's gone on in her life."