Last week, New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice flew to Italy with her children to reunite with her husband Joe Giudice - but now her eyes are on divorce!

“They're definitely getting a divorce," an insider snitched to Radar Online.

"Teresa and Joe were arguing a lot, and wouldn't go near each other," a source claimed to Radar. "All of the photos of them together seem forced."

Teresa made it clear last year that she would divorce Joe if he was deported back to Italy. During a recent Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Special, the pair seemed to leave the fate of their marriage up in the air. But following reports that the former couple "argued a lot" during Teresa's Italy trip - divorce seems inevitable.

"Even if Joe is allowed to move back to the U.S., Teresa is done with him," the insider told Radar.

Teresa appears to have moved on if the new season's trailer is anything to go by.