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New Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga has revealed that there is an epic showdown between her and her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice in the upcoming season.

"You are going to be shocked at some of the things that come out of Teresa's mouth and out of mine. I would say, Teresa and I got very deep with things you have been waiting for us to say for years, and finally, it's getting said," Melissa told US Weekly. "I think it's shocking at the point that we are. We're both very comfortable in our skin."

Apparently, the bust-up was because Melissa "wouldn't let it get fake," whatever that means.

 "Like, let's just be what we are. We really do love each other. We really are family. When I'm with her, it's family. … But, we do have kind of like that push-shove kind of thing sometimes."

Melissa insists that the pair are fine now.