He's fighting to stay in the United States and not be deported back to Italy, but if Joe Giudice were sent home, he'd land his own spinoff show according to his co-star and brother-in-law Joe Gorga.

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' cast member, Gorga told US Weekly that Bravo would follow Giudice to Italy if he were booted out of the country.

"It would be amazing!" Gorga told Us. "That's definitely in the works. You know if he's in Italy that's definitely going to happen! They want to see what the hell Joe's doing in Italy!"

He also revealed that he recently visited his brother-in-law for his birthday who is currently in ICE detention:

"It's very hard. There are very strict rules," Gorga said. "They can go back. It just takes time. A stay means you're able to stay in the country but still in a prison while you're going through the immigration."