The family of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice thinks that his wife, Teresa Giudice will divorce him, no matter the outcome of his deportation appeal.

"Joe's family believes that Teresa is going to file for divorce no matter what," a source close to Joe told Radar Online.

"Teresa is going to file for divorce from Joe regardless of what the outcome is," the source said.

"Joe's family knows this. Everyone knows this. She has tasted her freedom, and she isn't going to return to him."

During last season's reunion, Teresa confessed that she would divorce Joe if he is sent back to Italy. Since Joe has been in ICE custody, Teresa attended very few court hearings, and to some, it seems that the housewife has already checked out of the marriage.

Joe is fighting to stay in the country, but the outlook is looking grim.

"Joe's family is preparing for the worst," the source told added. "They're convinced it won't be good news and they blame Teresa for everything."