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Joe Giudice, the husband of New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice is facing more bad news after reports claim that he is trapped in ICE custody indefinitely.

Giudice has requested "stay of removal" so he could leave the Pennsylvania detention center and head back to Italy while he awaits a decision on his deportation status. A judge OK'd his request, but a court order was issued to transfer the motion to a panel of judges for the final decision.

A court insider told Radar Online, "the motion was referred to Third Circuit Court panel, and they will be the ones to decide whether Mr. Giudice can await an appeal decision in Italy."

"There is no telling how long the panel will take to come to a decision," the official added.

Joe has been stuck in an ICE detention center since his release from prison back in March.

“It’s been horrible, and he doesn’t want to rot away [in detainment] any longer. The moment he is denied, he said he will pull his appeal and get ready to go to Italy,” the source said.