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'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Joe Giudice is reportedly calling his wife (possibly soon-to-be-ex) every day - and a lot!

 According to fellow castmate Jennifer Aydin, Joe is extremely bored and is constantly reaching out to Teresa.

“He calls her. They can, they text each other, and she can text him and he calls her like ten times a day. He calls her all day every day,” Jennifer told Us Magazine at the Health Corps Gala. 

“They talk, you know they talk about the kids, he’s bored. He’s bored in there and he’s calling her and she’s, you know she misses him but she’s like wow, a lot of phone calls.”

Teresa has revealed during the reunion show that she has no plans to work at her marriage if Joe is shipped back to Italy.

“I want somebody with me every day. I know exactly what happens,” told Andy Cohen. “You know, I’m sure he’ll be with other women. It happens. We do the long-distance thing, it’s not going to work. I’d be like, ‘Bye bye.’”