Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice, posted an emotional message to Instagram where he claimed that distance is not what caused his twenty-year marriage to break down - it was their actions.

“Don’t fall in! Whatever happens in our future, remember we were friends to begin with. We will always stay strong. It’s not distance that breaks a couple it’s actions!” Joe wrote.

“I’m growing and learning more from today’s generation. egocentrism was thing in baby boomer and gen x era. Now, Millennials believe in joint effort not separating roles. Not, that I didn’t love my era I see the ego thing got in my way like a trap. one bedroom is good Today, simplicity, girls and family first, and actions speak louder than a car or big things,” he continued.

Since news of the split circulated, Teresa has been spotted out with a mystery man and Joe has said that he is open to dating others.