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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice has filed a three-day extension to submit his appeal to the Third Circuit Court in a bid to avoid deportation.

Joe has been fighting a deportation order handed down to him by a judge following his tax evasion case. Prior to the tax evasion case, Joe had other offenses on his record.

“Based upon the law, I find you deportable and ineligible for any kind of relief,” Judge John Ellington announced at the court hearing in Pennsylvania’s York Immigration Court. “Mr. Giudice, no matter how this turns out, I wish you the best. I decided this case as a matter of law.”

Joe later filed a second appeal with the Executive Office of Immigration but that was denied on April 11, 2019, per Radar Online.

The Attorney General filed a petition to deport Joe immediately. This will most likely be his last attempt to stay in this country.