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It all kicked off during last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion -- with Jennifer Aydin accusing Melissa Gorga, the sister-in-law of Teresa Giudice of faking storylines for the show.

According to Jennifer, Melissa's storyline about her wanting to freeze her eggs was made up for the cameras.

"Who are you kidding?" said Jennifer. "[Melissa's] not gonna have a baby. She's way too self-absorbed." 

"The constant selfies, the constant self-accolades, like 'I'm so cute!' 'You look so good Melissa Gorga!' I've heard that's what you do when you scroll on your Instagram," Jennifer said.

"I feel like you're making a mockery of people who are really going through it and people who really do IVF," Jennifer continued. "I think you were absolutely faking that whole thing. I think your career has taken off. A baby would halt your journey right now. It's a very selfless thing to have a baby. Look how much she would have to give up."

Host Andy Cohen then turned to Teresa for comment who said she doesn't believe that Melissa would stay home to look after a new baby -- that she would hire help instead.