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For New Jersey, Housewife Jacqueline Laurita has slammed Danielle Staub for pulling Margaret Joseph’s hair in the trailer for the show's tenth season.

Almost a decade ago, Danielle dragged Jacqueline's then-teen daughter, Ashley Holmes, to court after she pulled Danielle's hair. Danielle pressed charges, and Ashley was found guilty of simple assault.

"It’s interesting to me that Danielle Slob prosecuted my 18-year-old daughter for pulling her weave when she, as an ADULT, ripped out @MargaretJosephs hair in a tantrum," Danielle tweeted. "God I hope Margaret brings a mannequin head to the reunion to demonstrate the attack and sues her ass."

A fan responded to Jaq's tweet, pointing out how amazing Danielle's daughters are - but Jaq had a response ready:

"Her kids are like that in spite of her not because of her. Do you really think they wanted to grow up to be a prostitution whore like their mother?"