Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania has revealed that she is part Nigerian during a recent interview.

Dolores stopped by the Wendy Williams Show, when Wendy, who revealed that she had nicknamed her "The Black One," quizzed her about her origins.

"I call you the 'Black One' because when I look at you, sometimes you look like a sister. At other times you don't," she said before she asked, "What is your deal?"

Dolores replied: "I just found out, because of you, you've been saying Black Dolores, I have to tell you that my dad is 3% Nigerian. It's enough for me." 

She added that her mother thinks that she and Wendy look alike:

"My mother actually thinks when you're on tv — she can't see that good —she says, 'Dolores you were in a commercial today.' She thinks we look alike," she said. "You're Black Wendy, and I'm Black Dolores."

Does 3% really count?