Real Housewives of Dallas star LeeAnne Locken has shared that she contemplated committing suicide just three months before her marriage to Rich Emberlin last year.

Host Andy Cohen read a fan question on part one of the reunion show:

"You and Stephanie bonded last year when you shared your stories of suicide. Don't you think it was horribly insensitive to talk so flippantly about suicide right in front of her like that?"

LeeAnne replied, "That night, I was actually hoping that Stephanie would realize where I was because I wasn't making a joke about it," she said.

"But the way it came out at dinner was very jarring," said Stephanie Hollman. "It felt like it wasn't like, 'Hey, I'm hurting, I think I'm going to kill myself tonight.' It seemed like you were just throwing it out there."

It seems that Stephanie wasn't the only once disturbed by LeeAnne's admission.

"It's a very big problem for me," D'Andra Simmons said. "As you know, my father committed suicide. I don't want to talk about suicide in a flippant manner. If you want to talk about it in a serious manner, you're hurting … to me, just throwing that card on the table like, 'Well, I'm going to commit suicide.' That was so offensive to me because of what I went through with my father. Going and seeing somebody that put a hole in their head from a bullet and having to clean it up and then having to go to the mortuary. I don't want to relive that. So if you're going to talk about, don't talk about it like that in front of me."