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Real Housewives of Dallas star D'Andra Simmons' business may be struggling to keep afloat, but according to the businesswoman, she doesn't need her mom to pay her bills.

When D'Andra joined the show, she was encouraging her mother to hand over that family business, but it also seemed as if her mother might have been using their business accounts to cover some of her personal costs.

Her mom is dismissive of her ambition to take the company to new heights and refusing to help her out financially, despite possibly being the reason for the companies financial woes.

But D'Andra says she does not need her mom's help:

"I don't need my mom to pay my bills. I'll figure out. I always have figured it out. People don't realize, I lived in New York, I was living in a place where there was a bathroom down the hall and a room with a sink, and I paid $173 a week. That was in my 20s. Same thing in L.A. Also, I had an apartment [in New York City] with four roommates that were flight attendants," she told Bravo. "I've always had to make it work no matter what, wherever I've been all over the world. And I'm gonna make this work. That's just my life. And if I don't, I'll do something else that'll be successful."