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Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Gina Kirschenheiter has released a statement following her arrest last week for allegedly driving under the influence. 

Kirschenheiter addressed her fans on social media, apologizing for the incident which took place in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

"I honestly believe that some issues no matter how great and important are truly only a part of our awareness once we are personally effected by them. For me....what happened this week is that issue. It’s amazing how in the course of less than a week you can realize the full extent of allowing people into your every day life and how the opinions of everyone watching can run from incredibly chastising to extremely supportive," she wrote.

"Bad choices have bad consequences. Mine are magnified because I chose to share my life with you on a very public stage. Those who are a part of my real life gave me words of encouragement and love knowing the content of my character and the love in my heart," she continued.

Kirschenheiter became a fan favorite during the last season of RHOC. Production for the upcoming season has just started, but it isn't known whether the incident was captured on camera. The aftermath will likely be the focal point for Kirschenheiter along with her divorce.

"I am disappointed in myself and that I am a part of this social norm. Especially since everyone who knows me knows I’m the queen of Uber/Lyft. This didn’t happen to me. I wasn’t “unlucky” I made a conscious decision to do something epically stupid. One time is one time too many. I am awake now. I can promise this will NEVER BE ME again," she said, wrapping up the post.