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Orange County Housewife Vicki Gunvalsn explained why she took legal action against Bravo and castmate Kelly Dodd during the recent reunion show.

Weeks back, MTO reported that Vicki had taken legal action under the pseudonym, Jane Roe, which reunion host Andy Choen introduced her as on the show.

Vicki says it was all about her reputation.

"I can't talk about it because we go to mediation on the 20th, but I will say, anybody who goes after my business, I'm the CEO of a major corporation, and I insure thousands and thousands of people, so for anybody to insinuate that I am fraudulent, con woman, or anything other than the truth, they're gonna get sued," she shared.

On the show, Kelly called her a "con woman" and a "fraud," and Vicki immediately headed to court.

"It was a restraining order, by the way. It wasn't a lawsuit," Vicki told Andy, "Yeah, and it didn't go through!"