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Viewers were delighted to see Orange County Housewife Vicki Gunvalson offer up an apology to fellow cast member, Kelly Dodd after feuding for a season and a half.

Vicki was continuing her slew of repeating rumors, this time telling the ladies that she overheard that Kelly, claiming she wasn't allowed to visit her daughter, Jolie's, school while visiting her hair salon.

It was actually Tamra that intervened on Kelly's behalf, telling Vicki that spreading rumors is harmful - especially when she did not have any receipts to back up her claims. Kelly eventually broke down in tears - and Vicki, who has been demoted this season to a friend of the show, apologized.

Kelly first told Vicki, "I've never hurt you. I've always been on your side. It's so disheartening for me to sit here and look at you. You don't know what you've done to me. And you have no idea. I've never done anything to you. I only called you a pig because Slade did and I know that hurts your feelings, but I don't think that. I've only been friends with you... I don't understand it."

Vicki then returned her apology:

"I want to stop," she said. "I surrender!" Then, she got up, walked over to Kelly, and hugged her. "You and I have a lot of history together," she continued. "But I surrender. I surrender. I surrender."

She then added in her confessional that she felt bad about her behavior and wanted to take accountability for her actions.