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Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd is heading down the aisle, and she's ready to spill the details on where and when the wedding will take place.

"I'm not planning anything yet. I haven't had time," told Hollywood Life, "I had to hire assistants today because I was overwhelmed with everything that I'm doing." 

Kelly has an idea where they will tie the knot.

"I'm going to be looking at venues in Napa… I want to get married in Napa. We want to really get married 10-10-2020," she continued. "We want to make that happen. Even if we go to the justice of the peace and do it and then have a party later, we really want that number."

Kelly and her fiancé, Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal, announced their engagement in November.

She may not have all of the details solidified, but she has at least one bridesmaid in mind.

"Knowing Ramona [Singer], she wants to be a bridesmaid," Kelly said. "I'm like, 'Girl, you're going to be a bridesmaid. You're the one who made this happen for me'".

It was Ramona who introduced Kelly to her fiance.