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Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has reunited with her plastic surgeon boyfriend, Brian Reagan after spitting a few weeks back.

“I am not going to try and deny it. Our sexual chemistry is off the chain, and I find him to be absolutely irresistible,” Kelly told Radar Online.

 “We realized how much we love each other. There are challenges, sure. But instead of throwing in the towel, we decided to work on them together.”

Following the split, Kelly was deeply saddened and headed to the Hamptons to stay with Real Housewives of New York cast member, Ramona Singer, who she charged with cheering her up.

“He is worth it. We are worth it. Brian treats me how a man should treat a woman, and we are very happy right now,” she added.

We like seeing Kelly happy. Her marriage to her ex-husband Michael Dodd looked really miserable as it played out in front of the cameras during her first two seasons on the show.