Orange County Housewife Gina Kirschenheiter flipped on costar Kelly Dodd after Kelly hit her on the back of the head.

The hit was a demonstration to Gina of how hard she smacked fellow Housewife, Shannon Beador with a mallet, while Shannon had a metal bowl over her head.

At the time, Kelly insisted that the hit was delicate, but judging from the demo - Kelly may well have underestimated her own strength:

"Do I think she's being overdramatic for the situation? Yes. Do I think you shouldn't have hit her on the head? Yes," Gina told Kelly, Emily Simpson and new cast member, Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

But after Kelly's demonstration, Gina flipped out on her:

"Don't f*cking touch me, Kelly. Now I'm f*cking pissed. Don't do that. Now I'm f*cking out. Don't f*cking do that because I already have a court case right now. F*cking b*tch." 

It's worth noting that there have been rumors that Gina allegedly has an alcohol problem. She was even arrested for a DUI in the beginning of the year, which she pleaded guilty to in July.