During a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers were shocked when Emily Simpson's husband, Shane Simpson, appeared to make fun of her weight.

Curvy Emily is the most voluptuous member of the cast and has been working hard to shed the pounds, but rather than be supportive Shane was just cruel:

"Here's the bread bowl," Shane said to Emily in a restaurant. "We'll tempt her all night long," he quipped to the waiter.

"You've earned a piece of bread, you've earned it," he said, laughing. "How 'bout we share a piece?"

Emily declined, reminding Shane that she is cutting out carbs.

"Everything with Shane is a joke, but this is a serious issue," Emily said in the confessional. "I've gained a lot of weight. I've literally put on 20 lbs. in, like, an eight-month period. I want to be healthy for my kids. I want to play with them and take them to the park and not feel like crap. I just need, not jokes. I need support."

Not surprisingly, viewers have been urging Emily to dump Shane since last season due to his overwhelming coldness and insensitivity to his wife.