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Orange County Housewife Emily Simpson has shot down rumors that she is getting a divorce from her husband, Shane Simpson, due to his treatment of her on the Bravo show.

Shane often seems disinterested in Emily and appears to be extremely controlling at times. But according to Emily, he's not like that when the cameras aren't around - and says they are not getting a divorce.

"He's being a d*ck. I get it… I'm not trying to make excuses for him, but I see a side of him that other people don't get to see, so I think that's what makes up for it. I know it sounds awful but I'm the one who goes home with him at night when we're alone, and he says nice things, and he gets me cards, and he writes nice things to me… He's obviously smart. He has a high IQ. I just think the d–k part takes over."

He should probably stop embarrassing her and their marriage on camera.