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Orange County Housewife Emily Simpson has confirmed that her husband, Shane Simpson, failed the California Bar Exam.

In the current season, viewers have seen Shane study around the clock for the exam, and often not at home.

According to Emily, who is a lawyer, Shane did not meet the mark. When asked by Too Fab whether he passed, she said:

"Uh, no. He did not."

"I'll tell you the timing of it was really horrible," Emily elaborated. "He took the bar in February, right when we started filming, and he got his results on the day we filmed the finale. The timing was awful. It was horrible."

She also revealed that Shane took the exam again, "With the way my life works, I'm sure it'll be the day of the reunion!" she said when asked when the results will be through.

The California Bar exam is said to be the hardest to pass in the country.