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Orange County Housewife Emily Simpson has issued a public apology to her husband, Shane Simpson, for not being her best in 2019.

"For the past year I had trouble walking, working out, getting up and down stairs ... I even got to the point where I couldn't tie my own shoes. I couldn't sleep at night. I was depressed, irritable, sad, etc. Suffering from chronic hip pain was debilitating physically, but mentally as well. It took a huge toll on my life, marriage, relationships, psyche, body, etc," she wrote on Instagram. 

"Being able to hike up steep hills to reach the top of Patriot Trail was a pivotal moment that let me feel like my old self again. I feared that girl was gone. But she's not. She's here, ready to take on 2020."

She then continued to apologize to Shane.

The apology is surprising considering how mean Shane was to her during the current season of the show. Shane has been seen mocking Emily's diet, avoiding spending time with her and putting her down in general.