Former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan King Edmonds has spilled all of her marriage tea to the blogs and even on her own podcast, but now she's blaming the public for the rumors circulating about her, accusing them of tearing her down.

"I’ve listened to the latest Intimate Knowledge Podcast three times and I can’t stop crying each time. Each time I think about it I feel like this," she wrote on Instagram. "I feel small. I feel like a target. And I feel like my opponent is bigger and meaner than me. (But sometimes that 'opponent' comes in the form of the public tearing me down. It hurts, I’m a real person.) Please lift me up today. Thank you for the love."

Just this week, Meghan revealed on her podcast that her husband allegedly ran off with a woman they both had a threesome with. A claim that her estranged husband, former baseball star, Jim Edmonds has denied.

Perhaps she should say less about her personal life if she truly does not want the public weighing in...