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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds' husband has been accused of cheating on her ahead as the couple head for divorce.

According to one source, Meghan confronted the former baseball player, 49, and the nanny, but they both denied the allegations. 

Just a week later, Jim filed for divorce on Friday, October 25, per Us Weekly.

"The nanny is someone who has worked for them for years and is like family," one source told the outlet. "During the argument, Meghan called the cops, but nothing came of it. Jim didn't put his hands on her. The police chalked it up to a verbal dispute. No arrests were made."

Earlier this year, King made headlines after he was caught sexting another woman while Meghan was pregnant with their twins:

"I engaged in an inappropriate conversation with this person," Jim said in a statement to Us after the scandal made headlines in June. "At no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none. This is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past."