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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds has broken her silence on her husband's alleged affair in a candid blog post.

Earlier this week, Jim Edmonds denied allegations that he had an affair with the family's nanny, Carly Wilson. His denial came just days after he filed for divorce.

"Out of respect for my children and my family, I find it unnecessary to go into all the gritty details. What I will say is that, in the wake of the sexting situation, my husband was drinking and partying with much younger women, including several of our babysitters, and I found this galavanting inappropriate, immature and downright odd," Meghan wrote.

She continued: "While I initially wrote it off because during several of these outings, his 22-year-old daughter was present, given his previous indiscretions, I was uncomfortable. Even more so when he started lying about where he was going or who he was going with -- and deleting entire text conversations on his phone with several of these young women.

Meghan added, "For the record, after the sexting affair he had agreed with our therapist that he would be totally transparent and never delete messages or conversations and he would also keep his location available on his phone."