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'RHOC' Alum Kelly Dodd Regrets Getting The Covid Vaccine

Former RHOC star Kelly Dodd says she regrets getting the covid-19 vaccine.

"I got the vaccine .. And regret it. Im trying not to be a d*ck !," she tweeted.

She then posted a message stating that there are no commercials for the Covid-19 vaccine because in the commercial, the makers of the vaccine would have to list the side effects.

Kelly faced some backlash for her tweet. The reality star has had the virus herself, but she says he had the vaccine so that she could travel freely.

Kelly later clarified her remarks to Page Six.

 "I already had the virus so I already had antibodies. I was protected and unlikely to get Covid again but got the vaccine because of travel restrictions. It made life a lot easier since I could show the card and not have to keep getting tested, but if the government would've allowed an antibody card I never would've gotten the shot."