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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi has called out her former castmate Tamra Judge, accusing her of being a bully.

“Tamra’s always been a bully,” the new mom told Us Weekly. “Tamra has always been a bully, and she will always be a bully, and she does what she needs to do to keep her paycheck. And you know what? She’s a one-trick pony, and she doesn’t care what she says or does or who she hurts or who she harms. She doesn’t care if it’s your family, your business, your anything.”

On the current season, Tamra is stirring the pot seemingly with anything Kelly Dodd related.

Gretchen also gave her thoughts on her former foe, Vicki Gunvalson. being demoted to "friend of the show":

“That was a huge surprise,” she told the entertainment outlet.“I was really surprised by that ‘cause I thought if they were going to do that with Vicki, they would have done that a few years back when the audience and everyone was so mad about what went down with the whole cancer thing.” 

She continued: “So the fact that they decided this year was kind of a shocker to me. But you know, listen, all these women are getting up really high in their paychecks at this point. And if they’re not as interesting to the fans or if they’re not bringing it or if they’re not delivering content, something that’s interesting to the fans, I get that sometimes it’s time to hang up that hat. You know what I mean?”

Vicki was demoted after viewers said her storylines were boring. Added to that, Kelly also threatened to leave the show after Vicki (perhaps in an act of desperation) called her a "cokehead" during the reunion show.