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'RHOBH's Erika Jayne Embarrassed Over Private Jet Brag

Erika Jayne is embarrassed after once boasting that she and Thomas Girardi owned the private jet she bragged about on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

According to a new report from Life & Style magazine, the couple paid $1 million each year via a trust to use two different planes. Erika once said her $35 million Gulfstream jet was “the ultimate way” to travel.

“Erika is so embarrassed. She loved to flaunt her riches on TV, and now it’s come back to bite her,” an insider told the magazine. “Who knows what other lies the investigators will uncover?”


On a recent episode of the show, she claimed she had not spoken to her husband after filing for divorce.

“What is there to say? I’m sure he’s very mad at me,” Erika said. “They get very, very possessive. If you think that he’s going to roll over and just say, ‘Oh here, honey, here’s your small fortune.’ Are you f*cking kidding me?”

She added, “I know who Tom is. I know how mean and overly dismissive Tom is. I saw it for 22 years. It’s not like he’s going to say, ‘Oh great, hun, do you want the sofa?’”