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Former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Brandi Glanville and current cast member Kyle Richards have apparently become friends once again following Kyle's epic fallout with Lisa Vanderpump which aired this week.

A heated exchange between Kyle and Lisa marked the end of their friendship as #puppygate came to a head. Brandi and Lisa fell out a few seasons back when Brandi accused her of manipulating her, a claim which LVP vehemently denied.

“Brandi actually reached out to Kyle and they recently started following one another on social media again,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“They’ve spoken a few times about Lisa and this season of RHOBH and they now laugh at the fact they haven’t spoken for all of these years, so they thank Lisa for bringing them back together.”

“Brandi would totally come back if she was asked, but Lisa has said several times she will not film with Brandi [...] Both Brandi and Kyle are aware of how them being friends would make Lisa feel, but they could care less... They both feel that Lisa has done them wrong and neither would ever be friends with Lisa again. They feel wronged by her one too many times.”

While Brandi is great to watch, we doubt that Bravo would risk losing LVP over her.