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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has lashed out at former bestie Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd in a recent series of tweets.

"The Real Housewives follows a group of women's lives and how they navigate through their friendships . We are followed by cameras that capture what we say and do. We are expected to be honest and say how we feel about any given situation. The Real Housewives is NOT Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous. It is not Sex [and] the City. It is not scripted. It's our reality," she wrote.

"I have made mistakes, made good choices, made bad choices, learned a lot and grown as a person. This season has left me so frustrated at times. Frustrated that people don't always seem to see the obvious. No, It's not editing. It's people who are good at 'the game.' Bad people can be good at it and good people can be bad at it. People who have spent their entire life treating life as a game and 'winning' at it have had lots of practice."

Then she aired out LVP and her hubby, responding to claims from Ken that the ladies bullied his wife.

"Ken is angry because the cast 'bullied' Lisa when she was going through a hard time. Forgetting the fact that being honest isn't bullying AND the fact that I resisted using any adjective in that realm when Ken got up in my face," she wrote.

"If you're going through a hard time then you would think you would be coming from a different place. Not scheming about how to make your friend look bad. Your close friend. The problem is it was not new behavior due to her having a hard time," she continued referencing LVP losing both her mother and her brother.

"It was a pattern that you would think would stop because she WAS going through a hard time. This pattern many of us had seen for so long it was hard to ignore."

Kyle is blaming LVP for the drama this series. But since LVP has quit, that means the next season should be peaceful and without any drama or rumors... yeah right. We're not buying it.