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During the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Kyle Richards told Andy Cohen and the ladies that she does not believe that Lisa Vanderpump intended to quit the show.

Well, I think she gave that interview yesterday so that she could say she quit because she knew if she didn't show up here today, that you would probably do the same thing that you had to do with Adrienne [Maloof] and fire her," said Kyle.

And of course, Bravo flashed back to a clip of LVP talking about Maloof's departure:

"I think it was a mistake as well because I think she's leaked stories to the press saying she wanted to quit and I don't believe that, I believe she wanted to stay," LVP said in the clip.

"Should've come cleaned up the mess and moved on." 

LVP has lost both her brother and her mother, and the ladies showed her no mercy and ganged up on her every opportunity they had.

We wonder who will be the villain next season if Camille Grammer does not return to the show?