'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Kyle Richards is still trying to repair her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump and revealed that she sent her a text message on her birthday - but was ignored.

Talking to E!'s 'Just the Sip', Kyle revealed that she had tried to reach out to LVP:

"Yes, because her birthday was like two or three days later," Kyle says. "So, I sent her a text saying, 'I'm sorry that all this happened and I hope you have a beautiful birthday...'"

"And again, crickets," Kyle says. "But both of them were delivered, because it said delivered. Now, I have been blocked and it doesn't say delivered, because I reached out to her again recently to congratulate her on the opening of Vanderpump Lounge in Las Vegas. That one didn't say delivered so now I know that I have since been blocked. Before she was just saying I was blocked but I actually wasn't."

When asked why the situation had gotten so far, Kyle responded:

"Well, she said in an interview recently that I 'humiliated' her. And, Lisa is a very prideful person, and my intention was not to humiliate her. I think she felt humiliated, but my intention was to be honest and tell her what happened on camera, so that she wasn't shocked in six months when she saw the show."

If she wants her friend back, perhaps Kyle should consider not speaking about their severed relationship until they make amends.