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Beverly Hill Housewife Dorit Kemsley's husband, PK Kemsley, is reportedly in the middle of a court battle as he fights to prevent their assets from being seized.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, PK is asking a judge to block his creditor, Nicos Kirzis, who is currently trying to collect on the money as PK allegedly owes him a whopping $1.2 million. 

The outlet reports that Kirzis has already successfully seized $29,634.10 from one bank account, Dorit shared with PK, despite her claiming that it was her sole property.

PK is now asking the judge to shut down Dorit's account from being seized and says that they cannot touch his UK bank account. PK says that there is no evidence that her ever personally deposited money into the account. "Here, the Kirzis notes were incurred in 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Kemsley were married in 2015, and Mrs. Kemsley's earnings have always been kept in a separate account with no commingling with any community property," he writes in the docs.

Dorit had denied throughout the last season of the show that she and her husband were having any financial difficulties.