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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards has revealed that her ex-husband Charlie Sheen wanted to "bleed" her "dry" during their messy divorce.

"Back during the show, I did at E! [Denise Richards: It's Complicated], I had to do that. I had too many legal bills with my ex-husband," she shared during an episode of the Daddy Issues podcast with Dean McDermott, Adam Hunter, and Nicky Paris. 

"He said he wanted to bleed me dry, and he did. Those legal fees add up quite fast."

She then revealed that her split from Sheen led to her being ostracized from the industry:

"It was difficult for me to get a job back then because I was perceived as doing something very [negative] with Charlie, so that was very hard — when you're misunderstood, and you want to keep your personal life private and when it's out there," she said.

Denise has been open about her rocky marriage to the star on the Bravo show, even revealing that he once invited a hooker to Thanksgiving dinner, and Denise fixed her a plate!!!

What a bad boy!