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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville had some choice words for Camille Grammer during a rant on Twitter: "Don't come for me B*tch!"

Camille has been catching heat from her fellow cast members, and has been labeled as two-faced after she was caught talking behind the ladies backs.

A fan tweeted:

 "I doubt Kyle [Richards] she has really had a change of heart. She's only bringing Brandi around to irritate Lvp [Lisa Vanderpump]," and Camille responded that she agreed with the comment.

That's when Brandi went off!

"Hey @TheRealCamilleG, LBC [Brandi terminology for, 'let's be clear'] @KyleRichards did not bring me on the show this season I met & absolutely adore @DENISE_RICHARDS. I run into @KyleRichards in "REAL LIFE" all the time because we are neighbors. Get off the f*cking internet & go have sex with your new husband," Brandi tweeted.

"If I just got re-married Id be home with my man FN like a bunny and not on twitter fighting other peoples battles! I don't have a phone until tomorrow or Id be on it right now getting it f*cking sorted," she continued before adding, "I did not start this with you @TheRealCamilleG, but LBC I will finish it if you continue. Keep me out of your mouth put something of your husbands in it. FOR REALZ THO!!! Why are doing this???"

Brandi has been desperate for a permanent spot on the show, but word is that producers will not have her back out of loyalty to Lisa Vanderpump.