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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is reportedly trying to get her sister, Kim Richards, some help as she is "not doing well."

Kim has battled substance abuse issues for years, and during the first few seasons of the show, viewers got a first-hand glimpse of Kim's woes.

"Kyle became aware that Kim was struggling in recent weeks and got extremely concerned based on what she was hearing," one insider told Us Magazine. "Kyle isn't a doctor and can't make that determination, which is why she is trying to get Kim into treatment."

"It's going to be an ongoing conversation, but the good news is that Kim is being extremely receptive to Kyle, recognizing she is coming from a place of love," the insider continued. "Kyle isn't giving up and is trying again to get Kim to agree. It's more for mental health than sobriety issues."

At some of Kim's lowest points, Kyle's treatment of her was borderline savage in front of the camera. We hope that her off-camera support is far more nurturing.